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Build Your Confidence - Glory Olasanmi


I used to feel that without certain people in my life I can’t make it. Also, I felt people need to like what I’m doing so they’d applaud me for doing a great job.

Literally waiting for people to always like what you do makes you feel you don’t believe in yourself and what you are capable of offering.
 Lack of confidence in what one does could make one lose his/her self-esteem cos you already zero your mind that you can’t do anything without people liking it first and after they’ve liked it then you should be able to do it in their own way. Or after it’s been scrutinized by men then you can decide to lay hold of their ideas without gaining trust and confidence in what you do.
Having low self-esteem makes you feel dejected, less important, and intimated. For sure you’d always feel inferior. There is a sense of uncertainty that makes one feel fearful.
After I discovered I had low self-esteem I made it a duty to speak affirmative words to me every morning and night and I’m so intentional about it.
See the one thing about having low self-esteem is that once people notice it in you they’d use it against us like they’d want you to feel intimate.
Let me remind you that,
You’re great.
You’re strong and brave.
You’re outstanding.
You’ve no low self-esteem.
You’re a genius.
You’re endowed.
You’re beautiful.
You’re amazing.
You’re an awesome being.
You’re blessed of the Lord.
Act brave and feel proud of YOU. Even when the world says you can’t make it or you’re nothing show it to them that you’re more than what they think you’re. Show them that you don’t care about what they say, even if they try to silence your voice, prove it to them that you’re stronger than their stunts.
When I started pouring out my thoughts into writing I never allowed anyone to silence that voice cos lives are waiting for me out there to manifest, to inspire, and impact them.
So likewise you, people, the world is waiting for you to motivate them, to pass that knowledge you already have and inspire them. So would you still allow the world or low self-esteem to hinder you?
Once you start feeling low self-esteem speak great words to yourself even look at the mirror and say it assuredly like the whole world would revolve around you at the mention of your name.
So get up and go gallantly after that dream. The world awaits your greatness. So clothe yourself with the garment of confidence.
Written by:
Glory Olasanmi



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