Tekashi 6ix9ine Released From Prison Early Due to Coronavirus

6ix9ine is home and a free man

Rumors were circulating thatย Tekashi 6ix9ineย would be out of prison early (this week) and they have come into fruition today. After a series of appeals, the New York rapper has been released ahead of his August 2 court date after serving time for racketeering conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 6ix9ine will now be serving the remainder of his four-month term in home confinement under government GPS surveillance.


Tekashi will have to pay a fine of $35,000, have to complete 300 hours of community service and be on supervised release for the next five years.

Judge Paul A. Engelmayer originally denied his early release request because he believed he needed to appeal to the Bureau of Prisons, but according to his lawyer Lance Lazzaro, Tekashi needed early release for health concerns:

โ€œ [Daniel Hernandez] has asthma and has regularly been hospitalized due to serious asthma attacks. Mr. Hernandez has been complaining to prison officials this week of shortness of breath, but apparently the warden of his facility will not allow Mr. Hernandez to go to the hospital despite the recommendation of the facilityโ€™s medial director that Mr. Hernandez be treated by a doctor at a hospital.โ€

His lawyer also added that he will not be going into the witness protection program and will continue making music upon his release from prison.

6ix9ine is home and a free man, ladies and gentlemen.



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