Top 12 Most Beautiful Movies of 20th Century

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Some movies are scary, others are thrilling, but there are many films that are just a pleasure to watch. These 12 ones are the most fantastic examples, and you will definitely like them, regardless of your preferences.

Battle of the Sexes, 2017

Who will deny that tennis is one of the most beautiful sports? For some, it’s one of the key facts why they place bets on tennis via and visit games. Battle of the Sexes is a real tennis match that took place in 1973 between the athlete Bobby Riggs and the athlete Billie Jean King. On the screen, however, we will see the competition between Steve Carell and Emma Stone. In the 1970s, women were still considered weaker than men in the tennis world. One of the leading tennis players even decides to prove it – by beating the best player on the women’s tour.

Annihilation, 2018

A certain anomalous zone appears on Earth, where strange things are happening. One expedition after another is sent there, but they either don’t return or come back heavily altered. The twelfth group is special, it consists only of women – a psychologist, a biologist, a topographer and an anthropologist. After preliminary psychological training, the “stalkers” set out to unravel the place.

Loving Vincent, 2017

The story of Van Gogh’s life and mysterious death, presented in the style of the artist himself. It is as if we see the world around him through his eyes. The painting, from beginning to end, is painted with oil paints on canvas. A team of over 100 artists worked on it.

La La Land, 2016

An aspiring actress, Mia, runs endlessly through auditions, but nothing works out so far, so she is forced to work behind the counter in a cafe. And jazz musician Sebastian suffers because he has to play very simple music for the audience’s amusement, and he wants to perform jazz. One day they will succeed, and they will even be happy, but not in the way they originally envisioned.

Arrival, 2016

Aliens are coming to Earth, and humans must learn to communicate with them in order to learn the answer to the ultimate question: what the aliens’ intentions are. To this end, America’s best linguist, Louise Banks, arrives at one of the guest landing sites. This job turns out to be a challenging but incredibly fascinating journey into the world of non-human psychology.

The Dressmaker, 2015

A stylish lady with a suitcase of fancy rags arrives in the Australian outback. She’s back in her hometown and hatches a plan: how to solve a dark case that happened years ago when she was a girl, and how to deal with her abusers with nothing but golden hands and impeccable taste.

The Revenant, 2015

A hunter seriously wounded in a fight with a bear tries to get out to the people and take revenge on another hunter who left the unfortunate man to die in the woods and killed his son as an unnecessary witness to the meanness.

Interstellar, 2014

The earth is slowly dying in endless natural disasters, people are finding it harder and harder to feel at home on it, and all their energies are thrown into survival. To the triumphant organ music of Hans Zimmer, several men set off into distant space to find a new habitable planet.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

The senior concierge of a luxury hotel, Gustav, inherits an expensive painting, The Boy with Apples, from one of Madame Dee’s frequent guests. Gustav and his ward Zero are about to leave the country when the concierge is arrested on suspicion of Madame Dee’s murder. The old lady’s relatives don’t want to let go of the smallest part of her inheritance.

Life of Pi, 2012

After a shipwreck, boy Pi finds himself in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean, along with a tiger, an orangutan, a zebra and a hyena. The strange voyage lasts many days, and Pi has two versions of how events unfolded.

Inception, 2010

Industrial spy Dominic Cobb, adept at constructing elaborate multi-pronged moves, masterfully invades other people’s dreams using technology and his team of specialists. A new order turns out to be the most complicated in his life: he must inject the heir of a multimillion-dollar company with an idea that would destroy the empire from within. The trouble is that for Cobb’s whole team this assignment could be his last.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona, 2008

Two American girlfriends come to Barcelona on vacation, and both have a crush on a local artist. The situation is awkward, but it gets even more complicated when the hero is suddenly visited by his ex-wife, from whom he broke up because of the too strong passions that were raging in their relationship.


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