VIDEO: A1 x J1 – Latest Trends

TikTok is truly a wonder. The social media app has introduced the world to a whole new world of artists. TikTok — known for videos that provide instant gratification — is (mostly) the machine behind the UK’s viral-sensation, “Latest Trends.”

“Latest Trends” is crafted by two teenagers, a duo that goes by simply A1 x J1. Under the 3-minute mark, Latest Trends explores A1 and J1’s pain while holding hopes for a better tomorrow. The song is an eye-opening display of today’s youth as homelessness and broken homes are a reality for many worldwide. The single is more than a catchy tune, it’s a means of comfort for those facing similar challenges in life. Both A1 and J1 stress the necessity for money over women. They remain focused on changing their lives, and that hunger runs rampant throughout the emotionally-charged chorus.

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