Numoney Set To Drop New Album Next Month

Life of a Ghana guy takes us into the lives of young men in Ghana. A journey through struggles and triumphs,it paints a vivid and familiar picture that we can all relate to from every corner of the globe.

The Life Style Character and qualities of a Ghana Guy may be rare but at same time may be found in any just trying to make it……so i say salute to the Ghana guy , Salute to the life of the guy and Salute to this project ”THE LIFE OF A GHANA GUY”.

On this Note, informing all Fans about new Album upcoming next month and ”Life of a Ghana Guy” happens to be one piece on this great Album dropping shortly , Click below to Listen #Fresh copy have a feel and wait for the next bangers loaded from the camp .


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Credit: Noodlbeats,Kwame Toaker,Kfame , Eddy , Blay,Breakitdownrecords ,NOSLEEPMUSIC


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