Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis – “Somewhat Loved” (Feat. Mariah Carey)


Mariah Carey has reunited with the legendary producer duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The three of them have worked together numerous times over the years — they even have a Hot 100 #1 song together in 2000’s “Thank God I Found You,” which features 98 Degrees and Joe — but it’s been a while since they’ve teamed up. Their new single is called “Somewhat Loved (There You Go Breakin’ My Heart)” and it’ll appear on the duo’s first-ever album Jam & Lewis: Volume 1, which also features guest appearances from Babyface and Sounds Of Blackness. It’s set for release later this summer.
“When we started Jam & Lewis: Volume 1, we put a wishlist together of all our favorite artists,” Jam and Lewis said in a statement. “The chance to reunite with our friend and fellow Songwriters Hall of Fame partner Mariah was wishlist fulfillment at its finest.” Carey added: “Working with Jimmy & Terry through the years has been one of the greatest creative journeys I’ve ever taken. It’s a great honor for me to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime album!”

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