Madi Diaz – “Woman In My Heart”




Starting back in February, Madi Diaz announced she had signed to ANTI- and proceeded to release a series of singles. First there was “Man In Me,” then “New Person, Old Place,” and most recently “Nervous.” Turns out those weren’t just a bunch of standalone tracks, but a long buildup to the news of Diaz’s new album: It’s called History Of A Feeling, and it’ll be out in August.

Diaz began working on the music three years ago, before collaborating with Andrew Sarlo on the arrangements. The album catalogues the breakdown of a relationship, but mixed with Diaz sympathizing for her former partner as they began to transition. “The bulk of this music came from dealing with a kind of tsunami clash of compassion, both for my former partner while she was discovering a deeper part of her gender identity long hidden, and my own raw heartache over having lost the partner I knew,” Diaz said in a statement. “I felt so torn through the middle because half of me wanted to hold this person through such a major life event, one that is so beautiful and hard, and the other half felt lost — like I had lost myself in someone else’s story.”

Along with the announcement, Diaz has also shared a new song called “Woman In My Heart.” “This song came out in a sort of waking dream while I was actively learning how to part with someone,” Diaz said of the track. “It was hard enough not to miss/hurt/hate/fight/fuck/feel/get over them, and, what was even harder, was the love we had felt more and more like a mystery and the pain was the only thing coming in clear.” “Woman In My Heart” comes with a video directed by Diaz and Jordan Bellamy. Check it out below.

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