VIDEO: Mahalia – Jealous (feat. Rico Nasty)

We’re used to hearing Mahalia on a more toned down vibe, but she’s bringing the confidence for her new single “Jealous.” On the song, she’s talking back at her naysayers and letting know she doesn’t care about what they say or think. Here’s what she said about the record:

“I made ‘Jealous’ on a sunny day at the end of summer last year. I was sat in the studio with Cadenza and Miraa May getting some stuff off my chest from the past few weeks. ‘Jealous’ was born pretty fast after chatting. It was a weird time… I was dealing with friends being super unsupportive about decisions I was making and I was struggling with navigating that. I’m really proud and excited about what came out in this song and I hope people love it in the same way we did when we wrote it. Rico Nasty is a badass and one of my favorite artists so getting her to feature was a huge moment for me!”

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