Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill


Wiz Khalifa and Empire Of The Sun’s 2009 classic “The Thrill” has officially made the transition to streaming platforms.


As he rose to hip-hop stardom at the height of the mixtape era’s second coming,ย Wiz Khalifaย has since found himself plagued by a rampant issue — the woes of sample clearance. So seldom are the papers properly signed upon initial release that the eventual transition to streaming services becomes all the more difficult. It’s part of why there are so few classic tapes on DSPs, though that’s slowly changing with time.ย 
Already ahead of the pack,ย Wiz Khalifa has since added yet another fan-favorite tune to his online repertoire, this time circling back to “The Thrill.”Speaking on its revised release in the streaming era, Wiz opened up about the track’s significance. “‘The Thrill’ is a really special song to me because I seen that one grow from the ground up,” he explains. “I remember being at a low key show at a college and one of the kids told me about the song and he said ‘man you’ll be that dude if you sample the song.’ So I immediately went home, started thinking of some bars, went to the studio and recorded it.”

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