Are Nairobi and Gandia Dead in ‘Money Heist’?

‘Money Heist’ returns with its fourth season, stronger and more exciting than ever. Full of twists and turns that leave you gaping at the screen, it showcases the Professor at his weakest. We often find him at his wit’s end, and his sloppiness directly affects his team, who are still inside the Bank fighting for their lives. The season is made all the more heart-breaking after some relationships come to an end, with the fate of others hanging in the balance. You might find some unbelievable things taking place this time around. Let us confirm a couple of them for you. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Nairobi Die?

Unfortunately, yes. Despite her being one of the, if not the, most favorite characters in ‘Money Heist’, she is not the part of the heist anymore. The third season had ended with the sword hanging on her head. She had suffered a bullet wound after Sierra lured her to one of the windows. It was difficult, but Tokyo operated on her and managed to patch up her. Even when she came close to dying, the fans were convinced that such an important and beloved member of the team wouldn’t be sacrificed so easily. We were proved wrong.

After he escapes from the main hall, Gandía finds her and tries to suffocate her. It makes one thing very clear; he really, really wants her dead. Their encounter in the previous season, when she and Tokyo brought his entire team to their knees has not been forgiven. He holds Tokyo captive, and once she had served her purpose, he would have killed her too. He does the same with Nairobi.

When he is cornered in a room, he uses her as leverage to get safely out from there and head back to the panic room. The robbers don’t attack him because one wrong move on their part would mean instant death for her. What they don’t anticipate is that Gandía would still kill her; there is no deal here that he needs to be honored.

The little details before the incident add more emotional value to her death. She wanted to have a family and was hopeful that she would have it after the heist. She agreed to be with Bogota, and there was a chance for her to receive the love that she didn’t get from Helsinki. Moreover, she was the thread that kept the team intact. She was, often, the force that made all of them fall in line. Her loss will leave an adverse effect on the team, but it might as well pull them back together once again.

Is Gandía Dead Too?

No. Gandía, who is responsible for Nairobi’s death, deserves to die, but he hasn’t met his fate yet. If we didn’t hate him before, he made the list after needlessly killing our favorite character. After capturing Tokyo, he needed another win. He came out of the panic room and made some life-threatening blows on the team. Denver and Rio barely escaped their death.

He had a special hatred for Nairobi, and her injury made her an easier target. While running away from the others, he found her alone and used her as his shield to make it out alive. He needed to get to the Governor’s office, from where only he knew the way to the panic room. The moment he got close to the door, he shot Nairobi in the head.

He would have been killed the next time he was captured, but the Professor needed him to get Lisbon inside the Bank. While the others were distracted by executing the plan, he attacked Bogota. He thought he could run again. Surely, there was some other place where he could hide. However, Bogota’s bottled anger exploded, and he beat him to a pulp. There were guns pointed at him, but Gandía wasn’t killed.

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