Crazy 3 Ways To Have Hot $sex Without Pullling Your Clothes

Sometimes certain circumstances require you to keep your clothes on during sex. Being naked is deeply overblown!

Great sex is not about naked bodies writhing all over each other trying to cum and get off on a climax. Great sex is about intimacy, connection, and relationship building. And starting with your clothes on is an amazing way to grant yourself the permission to enjoy pleasure in a sacred, more intimate way.

In the post shared by Omani Franklin he listed some arousing ways you can use clothing to enhance sex below.

1. Your clothing should remind you to slow down

Use striptease as a way to prolong the experience and build anticipation. Take off each other’s clothes slowly, revealing different parts of the body. Slowing down the process gives you time to explore different parts of the body and really feel each area as it’s revealed.

2. Indulge yourself to a fully-clothed climax

See how long you can stay fully clothed and how excited you can get just by connecting, kissing and sliding around on each other. Use intimate sexual positions to enhance the overall connection you feel during your make-out session. The connection alone is enough to turn you on. So leaving your clothes on can generate friction and new sexy experience that results in a surprisingly fantastic orgasm.

3. Take only your bottoms off

Crazy 3 Ways To Have Hot $sex Without Pullling Your Clothes

Keeping your top on creates an amazing feeling of safety for sexual foreplay. Foreplay can have an immediate effect if the connection concentrates down in the pelvis. When you keep your top half clothed, you can then play down low with a sense of direction and focus. You can reverse the foreplay and take off your tops, use nipple stimulation to stimulate arousal.

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