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Toluwalope Abike Amosun born to clergy Rev and Rev Mrs. Showunmi of Foursquare gospel church.

Born as the last child of a family of 5girls and one brother, she grew in living life sharing with others.

At a very young age, she found passion in the arts always participating in debates, drama, and dancing competitions.

She has always been a peoples person from a very tender age, little wonder she went to a science secondary school in Kuje Abuja yet opted for the Arts.

The communal nature in which she grew up i.e uncles and aunties living in shared spaces, eating together in bowls, praying together with family and friends really shaped her view about the world. She currently is a banker with a food business as well as a community development volunteer.

Her study of the arts makes her realize that the world can be shaped in the way it should be if the world is made to see itself, her understanding of arts and similitude to arts helps her strengthen her resolve to use the communal nature of the arts in impacting her society.

In her own words ‘seeing the other person as a part of you will help you treat the person like you’ Her view of life is centered around living purposely.

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In purposeful living, she is of the view that the world is what it is today because people have turned the focus away from what matters most ‘LOVE and WELLNESS’

Therefore if we are determined to have a life filled with love and wellness, everyone should find purpose in love and wellness. This will be reflected in the way we talk to each other, act, build, develop, grow, and care for our environment.

In 2018, Abike as she is fondly called, alongside her friends embarked on a major community project with the aim of impacting Women and children. This project was the climax of the series of health talks, skill acquisition, and community cleaning campaigns that had begun for the Alagbole community of Ogun state.

The Baale had made available space for a comprehensive health talk, feeding and gifts to be shared to members of the community.

Abike believes that the Participatory learning approach is the best form of behavioral change, which is the first step to Love and wholeness.

When communities come together, identify a problem, and together begin to generate solutions particular to them, it will begin to resolve issues of starvation, neglect, and health.

Abike is passionate about impacting lives especially for women and children in these rural communities to begin to take action for their lives and live the best life they possibly can, filled with Love and Wellness.

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In 2019 Abike registered the AbikeAmosun Foundation looking to partner with individuals to empower women, children (especially widows and orphans) to take action for their lives.

Together with purposeful living, we all can live in health and wellness

Abike is passionate, energetic, and has a great sense of empathy, these are attributes that have pushed her to live life with a sense of respect, hard work and love.


She is an under 40 to watch out for



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