Relationship Goals: The Untold Truth About This Wife Vs Side Chick Challenge

The Trending House Wife Vs Side Chick Challenge Only Ends Up Promoting Male Infidelity In Our Society.

There has been this trend of house wife Vs side chick challenge for some days now. It is funny how many Nigerians always rush to participate in trending challenges. As long as some notable celebrities have done it, they also follow suit not minding the implications. But we all have to be careful before involving ourselves in some trends, because some of them spread negative vibes without us knowing it.Wives are women that are legally married partners of their husbands. They live with the man at home, care for him, bear him children and enjoy his wealth with him. While a side chick is likened to a sluts who exchanges sexual pleasure for money. They only get the attention of the man when he is sexually pressed and yearns for satisfaction from persons other than his wife.The challenge of wife Vs side chick is not worth it because they are simply Incomparable! A wife would always be proud of her husband and can flaunt him everywhere but a side chick can never because she knows that the man has a home to protect. A man feels at home with the wife, relaxes and makes love to her to bear children but when it comes to a side chick, he rushes and cleans up all traces so as not to be caught. He protects himself very well so as not to mistakenly get her pregnant. If eventually the side chick gets pregnant, he forces her to abort the child in order not to ruin his home.

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So tell me how you could ever compare a wife to an ordinary side chick?

In Africa, it is believed that men are polygamous in nature. That is to say that every man is a potential cheat, but this is not true. A man with adequate self control can decide to remain faithful in marriage. Itโ€™s a personal decision tho.

The irony of this wife Vs side chick challenge that we donโ€™t know is that it passes the impression that every woman faces the threat of a side chick in marriage. In most pictures, the wives are portrayed as unkempt and disheveled while the side chicks are sexy and alluring. This promotes male infidelity on the prevaricate notion that men are moved by what they see. This challenge is everything we need to enable cheating.

Why should there be a side chick challenge?

What is the goal?

While you think the challenge has no deep meaning, it is normalizing the menace of male Infidelity! Some men still cheat on their sexy- looking, gorgeous and hot wives. Men will cheat because they want to and they know they will walk away with it. Men are raised with an unrealistic beauty expectation from women, they expect women to have perky full boobs, curvy hips, no stretch marks etc and women strive to acquire all these just to satisfy their men.

But guess what! You can never satisfy a man that lacks self control!

As a prerequisite before marriage, a man must be ready to accept the changes that will occur on the wifeโ€™s body as a result of childbirth. This is the truth! Because her body will definitely change.

Sadly, many women are participating in this challenge not knowing that they are promoting infidelity. The challenge passes a meaning that marriage is a war between a side chick and a wife over her husband. Have you ever seen any man do hubby Vs side dude challenge?

It will most likely never happen because men will never normalize women cheating on them.

Finally, consider this challenge dangerous and degrading. It opposes the fight for change, women empowerment and emancipation that women have long been agitating for. You are only contributing in making married men feel less accountable for cheating. Instead of participating in this useless challenge, use your time wisely by making your home comfortable, love, respect and trust your husband. Pray for your husband to have self control and discourage him from bad influence. You will see your home becoming peaceful and lovely without any external side chick threat. You man will surely make you his queen if you make him feel like a king.

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