Rema Defends His Lyrics On New Song ‘Woman’

Mavin Records and Jonzing World singer Rema is getting the stick for the lyrics in his new song ‘Woman‘.

Nigerians on Twitter have been reacting differently to Rema’s new song especially the lyrics. Some find the lyrics ridiculous and full of mumbles with nothing coherent.

Many feel the BET Awards nominee is deficient when it comes to writing the lyrics of his songs.

In a swift reaction Rema explained why some people do no naturally understand his lyrics. According to him some of his lyrics are inspired by his Benni heritage and his childhood experience.

He said that his music was an expression of his culture as an ‘Edo boy’.

He continued that he wouldn’t be forced to sound or make music in a particular way.

“I no go shame to use my Benni lamba, they can call me crazy all they want because they don’t understand it but I will never box myself to please anybody”, he tweeted.