Why do people who seem to have perfect lives commit su*cide?

Why do people who seem to have perfect lives commit su*cide?


Yesterday, we were shocked by the death of an American dancer, and DJ, DJ Twitch whose real name is Stephen Boss. It made us think about why people who seem to have perfect lives commit suicide.

Two days before committing suicide, he was dancing with his family by a Christmas tree. So, why did he do it?

Depression is a mental illness and not just a feeling per se. A person with cancer has cancerous cells inside their body that may cause death unless treated, in the same way, a person suffering from depression has suicidal thoughts that can ultimately lead to their demise.

What causes depression?

Both psychosocial and biochemical factors seem to be significant contributors to depression.

Negative life experiences can make someone more susceptible to depression or start a depressive episode. Depressive symptoms are produced and maintained in part by negative thoughts about oneself and the environment.

Although, the primary biological reason is the improper control of the release of one or more naturally occurring neurotransmitters in the brain, especially norepinephrine and serotonin. Some sufferers of depression are thought to have lower levels or less activity of these substances in the brain, which may be the root of their melancholic mood.

Why do people who seem to have a good life commit suicide?

  1. Trauma in the past

Even though things are better right now, they may have had trauma in their past that still affects them in the present moment.

2. They have negative and intrusive thoughts

They might be experiencing negative and intrusive thoughts that tell them things are hopeless, it won’t get better or they will never be good enough.

3. They feel lonely and misunderstood

Some people might feel lonely even with friends around them. Possibly, they have to be strong for their friends and family and everyone sees them as a strong friend or a pillar of strength while they feel broken on the inside.

How to deal with depression

  1. Tell someone how you feel

Share your depressive and suicidal thoughts with those close to you, they can cut those reasonings that are harmful with words of encouragement and even help.

2. See a licensed personnel

Talking to a therapist and taking prescription medication can restore the chemical imbalance in your brain.

3. Do what makes you happy

A way to let a depressive thought pass over is to try and have fun. Think of what would cause happiness at the moment and do it.

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