Superstar YB Drops Groovy Afrobeat Hit “Jealous (Faaji)” Featuring Terry Apala

Superstar YB Drops Groovy Afrobeat Hit

Superstar YB is kicking off the year with a bang, presenting his latest Afrobeat sensation, “Jealous (Faaji),” featuring the unmatched talent of Terry Apala. Produced by the maestro Mr. Marz, this track is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends traditional vibes with contemporary beats.
“Jealous (Faaji)” is more than just a song; it’s a contagious groove that invites listeners to surrender to the rhythm. The collaboration with Terry Apala adds a dynamic flavor, creating a synergy that promises to set dance floors on fire.

This release not only showcases Superstar YB’s musical evolution but also serves as a teaser for his upcoming EP. As he prepares to unveil more sonic gems throughout the year, “Jealous (Faaji)” stands as a testament to the artist’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Afrobeat.

Get ready to hit play and immerse yourself in the infectious beats of “Jealous (Faaji).” Available now on all major streaming platforms, this track is poised to be the go-to anthem for Afrobeat enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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