VIDEO: DaBaby – Jump ft NBA Youngboy


DaBaby drops off a new music video for his collaboration with NBA Youngboy, “Jump.”

DaBaby hasn’t let quarantine put a damper on his career. The rapper has turned around a whole new album, with a few nods to quarantine szn in tow. The cover finds DaBaby wearing a face mask, aka our new norm, and the music video for “Jump” starts with a skit that is also in reference to our current new normal– cleaning the shit out of things and living in isolation.

Still, it’s a feat that DaBaby has managed to shoot these videos. His Reel Goats production company handled this one as per usual, which begins with a news reporter standing outside DaBaby’s alleged home, before Baby pops up on the reporter and begins to spritz him with cleaning products, while mocking the reporter in typical Baby fashion. The rest of the video is filled Baby’s take on Coronavirus protocols– cleaning, wearing gloves and other protective gear etc– even so, he did manage to get NBA Youngboy actually present for the video without social distancing.

Peep the latest music video from DaBaby here, and go stream the new album, Blame it on Baby here. Let us know what you think.

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