VIDEO: Thutmose – Memories

Thutmose – Memories VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Thutmose  Memories: Nigerian American rapper Thutmose has shared the official music video for “Memories” which was taken from his Don’t Wake Me EP.

Being a Nigerian immigrant and the only independent artist on a grammy nominated soundtrack was a blessing. I take pride in being able to execute timeless masterpieces without having the most resources.

Feels even better to have created an impactful song and video that pays homage to my culture sonically and still speak to the hearts of people in the states and worldwide.

Emotion has never been more important in the current state of the world and I get to tap into it in my own unique way, shoutout to the youthful voices that listen to me and are becoming inspired to create news lanes in music and art, I do this for us!

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