Brandon Banner, also known as ICYTWAT, is back with a brand-new single. Unfortunately, for many, it is not available on the powerhouse streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. His new song, “AWGE SH!T,” is out on his YouTube page and SoundCloud account. The track is extremely short that it could be considered a snippet too. The song is one minute and 15 seconds in length, but it hits hard right from the beginning.

The song starts with some plucky strings that manage to give off this chilling vibe. After about 10 seconds the beat hits you like a semi-truck with pulsing 808s and kick drums. It fires off like a machine gun and then ICY comes in to rap over the production. He provides his signature Playboi Carti-esque inflection and flow, which makes sense because these two have worked together before.



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