Juice WRLD – ‘Glo’d Up’


The estate of the late rapper Juice WRLD has reissued his seminal album, Goodbye & Good Riddance to celebrate the 5 anniversary.

Along with the original album comes two new songs titled ‘Glo’d Up’ and ‘No Good’ which are out today. “She tell me that I’m goin’ through the motions / ‘Cause I ain’t ever showin’ no emotions / Ayy, I tell her, “It’s over, it’s over” / I done glowed up, I done growed up,” he raps on the chorus of ‘Glo’d Up’, over a beat produced by Take A Daytrip.

The song song ‘No Good’ features a Latin-inspired track produced by Rvssian. “I’m full of addictions, this is just vindictive / Subject a lil’ sensitive, maybe I should just shallow it / Went from talkin’ depression to money-makin’ prerogative / Still a smart guy, could’ve got a scholarship / Sayin’ f*ck college, I’ma tell you how I started it,” he croons on it.

Listen to both songs below.

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