Nef The Pharaoh – Mac Of The Year


Nef The Pharoah begins his campaign to bring home the coveted “Mac Of The Year” award.


Forget about Man of the year — prestigious honor though it may be, for Nef The Pharoah is far more concerned with the “Mac Of The Year” title. And judging by his own confident temperament, it seems as if he’s got it in the bag. Today, the Bay Area rapper has come through with a brand new single, reminding the masses that few can achieve such levels of effortless bounce.

True, his off-kilter and slightly off-beat flow can be a little niche, but those who hold the Bay Area rap movement close to heart will likely find Nef’s bombastic banger endearing. “My bitch bring me blues, your bitch bring you problems,” he raps. “You be on that hoe back like a dirty condom, I never trip on a bitch I’m a real mobster, I crack a n***a on the field like I’m Shaq Thompson.” Is it flashy? Not exactly , but Nef has more than enough charisma to retain interest throughout — and damned if he isn’t having a grand old time. Check it out for yourself, and sound off – what are your thoughts on Nef?

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